1. Articles of Confederation – some weaknesses were they werent allowed to pass laws untill some of the 13 states were approved. each state had only one vote. another weakness was that they did not have an executive branch.
By 1786, Americans recognized that the Articles of Confederation, the foundation document for the new United States adopted in 1777, had to be substantially modified.

2. Constitutional Convention Compromises – What was the issue? What were the two perspectives? What was the solution?
some of the issues during the convention were that some men didnt want to form and start a brand brand new government.
America's creditor class had other worries. In Rhode Island (called by elites "Rogue Island"), a state legislature dominated by the debtor class passed legislation essentially forgiving all debts as it considered a measure that would redistribute property every thirteen years

3. Founding Fathers – What was their role at the Convention? What ideas did they have? Did they support the Constitution?
madisonj1.jpgJAMES MADDISON.
a. James Madison-the author of the constitution. and the leader in the congress. it was all his i dea to start it with the
three branches Known as "father of the constitutin".James Madison believed that protection for liberty lay in the structure of government, not in a listing of "parchment" guarante.
b. Gouvneur Morris-represented pennsylvannia,helped with the constitutin.
c. Edmund Randolph-govener of virginia.
d. George Mason-included in the congress.
e. Alexander Hamilton-was the first united states secratary of the treasuary., he was the leader of nationalist forces calling for a new
f. William Patterson- Americans motivational speaker
g. John Dickinson-American patriot and statesman,

4. Ratification - What was the issue? What were the two perspectives? What was the solution?
Federalists- by Alexander Hamilton, Jhon Jay, and James Madison wanted to convice the nine states to ratify the Constitution
Anti-Federalists-by George Madison wanted to include a bill of rights to protect the individual freedoms
the solution was that they promised to include a bill of rights after the Constitution was ratified.